Chicago Zhengjue Temple · History

In 1992, the overseas Chinese Buddhist faith in Vietnam was deepened. The Vietnamese overseas Chinese group donated funds to build the temple and established the Chicago Zhengjue Temple. It was originally located in North Chinatown, near the Chicago Argyle where Vietnamese Chinese gathered. . In 2000, quit old and die. Belief groups, donate money, have flawless management, and it is not easy to maintain development. The believers decided that the Buddhist monasteries should be managed by the monks most appropriately, and they invited the monks once again. This coincides with Master Ji Rufa’s popularity in Mei Hongfa. He sincerely invited Master Ji Ru as the abbot. Following the succession of Master Ru, his heart was boundless, and he cherished the world. It is suggested that the original site of this temple is very limited, and it should be found. The believer group reached a consensus, sold the original building (near Argyle, Chicago), bought the current site of South Chinatown Chinatown (2249 S. Wentworth Ave, Chicago, IL 60616 USA), and transferred the monastic management to the monks. At that time, there was no Zhengxin Buddhist temple in the Chinatown of South Chinatown. This move was just for the convenience of attracting the believers, cultivate Zhengxin Buddhism, and better promote Falun Gong. Since moving to South Chinatown Chinatown in 2004, Chicago’s Zhengjue Temple has a history of decades. It has deep roots with the Chinese believers in Vietnam and is currently favored and respected by the majority of Chinese.

Chicago Temple of Justice

Chicago’s International Buddhism Friendship Association In Chicago is located in Chinatown, Chicago, IL (Address: 2249 S. Wentworth Ave, Chicago, IL 60616 USA). The current chair of Zhengjue Temple is Master Jiru, who was born in Malaysia in 1961, and has been a monk under Elder Li Zhumo for more than 30 years. He has attended theravada Buddhism in Thailand for six years. In 1995, he went to St. Louis, Missouri, and founded the American-Chinese Buddhist Association in the Midwest of the United States, which had never heard of Dharma. In addition to proclaiming Buddhism in English to local people every weekend, the mage has often been invited to Buddhist schools in the United States and Canada to make a round of Falun Dafa, and to spread the doctrine. He has successively served as director, abbot, abbot of Dajue Temple, etc., and currently serves as abbot of the American-Chinese Buddhist Society, Chicago’s Zhengjue Temple, and New York Majestic Temple. He is the author of “The Way of Freedom”, “Introduction to the Introduction to the Dharma”, and “Ahan Series Lecture Notes”.

Zhengjue Temple · Meditation Center

In the winter of 2009, all the monks of Zhengjue Temple agreed to purchase a place suitable for meditation, which coincided with the sale of an orthodox church at 2574 Central Park Ave, Chicago IL 60623. The surrounding environment was quiet and suitable for meditation; It was purchased and converted into a Buddhist meditation center on the month, and a Jade Buddha is enshrined in the Zen Hall. In addition, Chicago’s Zhengjue Temple meditation center is based on the spirit of compassion in Buddhism. Provide quiet, elegant and solemn temples to store spiritual bones. Facilities are available in single and double. Serve the community and believers regardless of race or religion. Assist in handling funerals, booking and selection of seats, placing ceremonies, and hold mourning meetings every year. Ashes Location: 2574 Central Park Ave, Chicago IL 60623